Membership Types


By definition, an Active Member should be active within the Club. The Active Member: is entitled to the full benefits of the Club; special privileges, and has greater incentive to contribute volunteer hours; can enjoy a significantly lower renewal fee than the initial fee or cost of Associate Membership.

The membership fee is:

  • Active Adult – $115.00
  • Active Family – $160.00

Active Members can receive credits for discounted membership renewal by putting-in voluntary work hours at $2.50 credit per hour. By contributing work hours to the Club, Active Adults will be able to reduce their renewal fee to $35.00, and Active Family Members to $60.00.

Active Members receive exclusive privileges such as:

  • Access to the Clubhouse and Covered Members Range
  • Discounts on all Club Tournaments (this includes the first round of 3-D Saturday being free for Active Members only)
  • Ability to reduce their membership fees by contributing voluntary work hours
  • Vote at Club and Special Meetings
  • Opportunity to serve as a Board Member


Active Membership – Junior

  • Active Junior – $75.00

Juniors have the same benefits and responsibilities as Adults and Families, except there is no target assignment, Juniors are not eligible to work down renewal fee with volunteer hours nor vote or hold office.  Must be under 18 years old and accompanied by a responsible adult when on the range or in the clubhouse.

Please direct any questions you may have to the Club Vice-President, whose duties include membership.