Membership Types


The Active Member is entitled to:

  • 24/7 access to our clubhouse – heat/ac, kitchen, bathrooms, phone, wi-fi & lit 50 yard Members Only range w/covered shooting line.
  • Receive discounts on club-hosted tournaments.
  • Rent clubhouse for private parties.
  • Vote during member meetings and serve on the Board of Directors
  • Work down their renewal fee through volunteer service to the club.

The Active Member is expected to:

  • Help maintain the club & range.
  • Abide by club rules and by-laws

The membership fee is:

  • Active Adult – $125.00
  • Active Family – $175.00

Active Members will receive a work assignment at orientation and will be expected to fulfill the requirements of that assignment each year. Members may also receive credits towards discounted membership renewal by putting-in additional voluntary work hours at $2.50 credit per hour. By contributing work hours to the Club, Active Members can reduce their renewal fee to a maximum of 50% of the standard rate, once a minimum number of hours have been logged.

Active Membership – Junior

  • Active Junior – $75.00

Juniors have the same benefits and responsibilities as Adults and Families, except there is no target assignment, Juniors are eligible to work down the renewal fee with volunteer hours at the same rate as adult memberships. Junior Members cannot vote or hold office.  Must be under 18 years old and accompanied by a responsible adult when on the range or in the clubhouse.

Out of area Guest Membership

This membership is designed for individuals whose primary residence is more than 100 miles from the range but who may be in the area temporarily.  To sign up for this type of membership you must contact one of our board members and sign-up in person.

  • Cost $35 per person
  • Access to clubhouse & members rage
  • Non-Voting member/not eligible for Board Positions

Life Membership (Per person)

  • After 25 years of continuous membership a member may be awarded Life Membership status
  • Live members have no annual dues
  • Life members retain all of the benefits of an Active member but have no assigned duties
  • Life membership can be purchased at a rate of 25 times the Active Adult annual rate to be paid in single lump sum payment.

Active Duty Military Discount

Active duty members of the US Armed Forces or National Guard are eligible for a discount of 50% off any of the Active Membership options listed above. Military ID must be presented at time of application.  Note:  Does not apply to Life Membership or Guest Membership.

Please direct any questions you may have to the Club Vice-President at