One of the main goals we have as a club is to teach and expand the sport of archery in all forms. We offer learning opportunities for both adults and youth.  If you have never picked up a bow or if it’s been many years since the last time you nocked an arrow we have a program that will fit your needs.

Private Lessons

Great Northwest Archery is a full service archery shop that offers private 1-on-1 lessons in a warm and controlled environment. Lessons are available by appointment only.  Great Northwest Archery is also available for private archery parties.  Please call the shop at 253-841-0991 for more information about pricing and schedule.

Introduction to Archery Program

On Thursday Nights we offer an introduction to archery class. Designed especially for the new archer, this is the perfect way to experience archery. You are guided through the fun of picking up a bow for the first time (or in a long time), and leave with the confidence of having a well-rounded introduction.  All equipment is included, or you may bring your own. The 90 minute session includes a brief discussion of safety and equipment, range etiquette, and the fundamentals of how to shoot.  This program is open to the general public, and costs $7 per person, minimum age 6 years (younger ages are best handled by private lesson). You can learn more about this program on the program page.

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Skookum Rangers / JOAD Program

Skookum Members who are past the initial learning stages and have their own equipment may join the Skookum Rangers Program.  The program is lead by our Tournament Director and Level 3 Archery Coach Steve Allen.  He is supported by several Level 2 coaches.  Their focus is on creating life-long archers who have a genuine love for the sport.  This program is for members only and you can go to the Skookum Ranger page for additional details.

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Atlatl Club

The Atlatl is the immediate predecessor of the bow and arrow, it dates to about 30,000 B.C. and was used to hunt anything from squirrels to woolly mammoths.  So if you’re a seasoned thrower, just getting started or just a bit curious (we will have atlatl sets and instruction available for you to try) come on out and join us.   The group will be open to both members of Skookum Archers and non-members (non-members pay the standard range fee).   Check out the Club Page for more information.

If you have a general question about our education programs please email our Education Director at